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... Snakefloors - intelligently built for you, for your home & your lifestyle!

Like your life, there is absolutely nothing standard about SnakeFloors. Each and every detail has been custom measured and manufactured so that you will always know, that each step you take will be made on a floor that has been meticulously designed around every detail of your home, your lifestyle and your personality. Nothing compares to the finish of a real hardwood floor - keeping you fresh and cool during summer months or toasty-warm in winter.

And last but not least, consider this: high-quality hardwood floor instantly adds value to your largest and one of the most important investments…your home!

We welcome You to experience the definitive collection of SnakeFloors customized hardwood floors and change the way you think about floors forever.

Investing in hardwood flooring and decor usually requires careful consideration of type, style, and grade of the various hardwood options available. But You don't have to worry, as we can help you with this! When it's time to install your new hardwood floor, our professional installation experts will complete your project to your exact specifications and will provide you with all the information about future upkeep and necessary care products, which will keep Your brand new SnakeFloors in a perfect condition for decades.

All hardwood products are manufactured and quality controlled in Estonia. All SnakeFloors hardwood floors and decoration details come under 3-year structural warranty (available only for orders including installation works and consultation), which means that the product will remain free from milling and grading defects.

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